1031 Exchanges

Addicted to Real Estate – Why I Can’t Stop & Why You Should Start

An Introduction to Residential Leasing & Property Management

Building a Retirement With Real Estate in Today’s Market

Creative Techniques to Make Money in Real Estate Using a Self-Directed IRA

Diversification Using Alternative Investments

Diversification Using a Private Equity Fund

Generate Passive Income with Alternative Investments

How to Fund Short Term Mortgages for Solid Equity Growth

How to Prosper With Real Estate

Introduction to Co-Signer.com

Investing in Apartment Complexes

Investing in Commercial Real Estate – Why This is the Best Market

Investing in Net Lease Properties

Investing in Pittsburgh Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate With Self-Directed IRAs and LLCs

Investor Agent Live Weekly Q and A

Carl Fischer and Gary Wilson discuss real estate in an IRA

Lease Options in a Buyer’s Market

On Trend Real Estate Investing

Real Estate in Your IRA

Secure Your Financial Future: How Real Estate Can Create Wealth

SD401k vs SDIRA: Advantages and Disadvantages For Real Estate Investments

So You Want to Invest in Real Estate...

Techniques to Strengthen Your Real Estate Portfolio

Understanding the Pros and Cons of Crowd Funding

Using Crowdfunding to Generate Passive Cash Flow From Real Estate

Using Your IRA to Invest in Real Estate

Using Your IRA to Purchase Turnkey Real Estate

Why Apartments, Why Now

Why is Pittsburgh Becoming a Boom Town For Investors & Business?

Checkbook Control LLC

Thomas J Barnes, Esquire of the Egbert and Barnes Firm discusses the benefits, potential prohibited transactions, disqualified persons, and case law associated with Checkbook control IRAs. Attorney Barnes also answers questions from the session participants.

Invest In a Business You Have Never Seen- Private Venture Capital

William Bromley of Capital Source 2000, Inc will give us a brief education on business loans with merchant accounts. He will go over the pros and cons, what’s needed, how it should work to maximize profits and minimize risks. In addition, Bill will tell us about his how he structured his company and why it is successful in today’s economic conditions.

Investing in Hedge Funds

“Investing in Life Settlements” Dean Vagnozzi President of: A Better Financial Plan

Retirement Strategies 101: The Big Picture of Common Investment Options

Risk vs. Return: The 5 Things You Must Know Before You Invest!

Self-Directed IRA LLCs - Part 1: The Basics

Elizabeth Morrow, Esquire and Michael Breslow, Esquire of Kerr Law firm discusses the benefits and rationale for using self directed IRA LLCs and how to avoid the potential pitfalls and prohibited transactions associated with checkbook control IRA’s. They discuss the landmark court case “Swanson Vs the Commissioner”.

Self-Directed IRA LLCs - Part 2

Elizabeth Morrow, Esquire and Michael Breslow, Esquire of Kerr Law firm picks up from part 1 and discusses prohibited transactions, disqualified persons, LLC organizational documents, funding restrictions, and reviews multiple hypothetical situations.

Self-Directed IRA LLCs - Part 3

Elizabeth Morrow, Esquire and Michael Breslow, Esquire of Kerr Law firm discusses funding entities, Unrelated Business Taxable Income (UBTI), Unrelated Debt Financed Income (UDFI), Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT), and Plan Asset rules and regulations. They review the technicalities associated with establishing a self directed IRA entity.

Social Selling Training

Structured Settlement Annuities: An Attractive Alternative For Investors - Build Wealth Your Way

Structured Settlement Annuities: An Attractive Alternative for Investors

The Care & Feeding of Your Pennsylvania LLC

Valuations of Alternative Investments

Valuations of LLC’s & Other Securities